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Hydraulic seeding with the Verdyol greening system

Erosion is a problem that must be solved in the short term. Whether erosion is caused by water or wind, whether surfaces are to be re-modeled by terracing or are destined for agriculture, whether the soil is clayish or sandy, in most cases, our company can provide a practical solution. The best method is to stabilize the soil by establishing a covering of vegetation.
The products applied must control the erosion from the spreading of the mixture to the point at which the vegetation becomes established.
This requirement is met by the verdyol greening system for projecting a mixture of suitable products, including seeds appropriate
to local conditions, which enables soil completely devoid of humus to be placed under vegetation.
Basically the verdyol greening system has a double purpose:

- to establish vegetation and to restore grounds even without top soil.
- to protect the ground erosion until the vegetative cover takes over

image image
Spoil tip before application. Same slope 6 months later.

The success depends on careful selection of the seed-mix, which must correspond to particular requirements, as well as to the soil characteristics, local flora and climatic conditions.
Having acquired many years of experience throughout the world, our company has perfected the organic product formulation projected onto the soil. Moreover, studies and field work have led to a selection of seed stocks particularly adapted to every soil and climate.
Here are some examples:

- Road and Railway-Construction: cuttings, fillings, slopes, highway strips
- Forestry:
forest roads and dams, re-instatement of disturbed land
- Landscaping:
ski slopes, waterway corrections, terracing works, golf courses
- Mines and Industry:
tailings, power plant construction, oil sites, gravel pits, refuse dumps, quarries


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